Cosplay Sex Party 3


Aunt Jackie is into her nephew DJ. She can’t keep her hands off her full tits or her greedy twat as she stares at his picture. Before long, Jackie has grabbed a dildo to fuck herself with as she keeps her eyes glued to DJ’s photo. She can only imagine how good DJ would be in real life, but if he’s half as good as he is in her fantasies then Jackie wants a piece of that action no matter the cost. Fortunately for Jackie, dreams do come true. She goes to Roseanne’s house and finds a DNA test that tells her she and Roseanne aren’t related. That means Jackie and DJ aren’t related, either. Moments later, DJ joins Jackie in the living room and Jackie takes that opportunity to make her move. She gets nice and close to her nephew. DJ is a bit confused at first, but as Jackie gets more aggressive he is content to let it happen. Soon enough Aunt Jackie has her tits out and her hands and mouth all over DJ’s dick. DJ is a little intimidated when Jackie draws back to peel off her clothes so his aunt can fuck him, but when Jackie sinks down on his fuck stick to ride him his concern quickly melts away. Soon enough when Jackie falls to her side so DJ can bang her the way she’s been fantasizing of, her young buck of a nephew embraces the opportunity to take full control. DJ is just enjoying a big orgasm all over his aunt’s bottom after taking her doggy style when his mom walks in and catches them in the act.

Monica and Phoebe are chilling together while Phoebe practices guitar, when Rachel comes in to chat about some issues she’s having with Ross. The conversation eventually moves from chatting about the names of Rachel and Ross’s future kids to the tropic of their various experiences with Joey. The girls all dish, but when it’s Rachel’s turn to describe how she and Joey fucked her friends wind up acting it out. Eventually the trio drops all pretense of pretending to act out a boy/girl experience and just admit that they’re all super into each other for a lesbian threesome. Once the girls give in to their desire for each other, their clothes quickly hit the ground. Monica is the first to get naked beneath Phoebe’s expert touch, but Rachel is not far behind. The only one still clothed, Phoebe lets her friends help her out of her shirt. Rachel gets the opportunity to cum first as she lays back in Phoebe’s arms so the blonde can pinch her nipples into hard little peaks and so that Monica can crouch between her thighs with her magic tongue doing all the work. Monica gets her turn as the star of the show next as she takes Rachel’s place on the couch. On her hands and knees, Monica buries her face in Phoebe’s slippery snatch while Rachel spreads the love with her soft lips and hot tongue exploring Monica’s cooter. When Rachel gets her hands in on the action, Monica can’t help but rock back into her friend’s hand and ride the motion of the ocean. Rachel gets another spin on the climax train as she remains on the couch while Phoebe and Rachel drop to their knees in front of her. Then all three girls sit side by side so they can link their arms over their legs and masturbate one another until all three friends have had one hell of a good climax.

Spanish exchange student Juan Loco is enjoying his year in America as he fucks his way through the fine ladies he meets along the way. Today he has brought home his friends Eliza Ibarra and Jane Wilde for an alleged study date. Juan clears their presence in the house with his host dad, Filthy Rich, then waits as patiently as he can as his surrogate dad spends as much time gawking at the hot cheerleaders ash e does preparing the snack. Eventually Eliza and Jane get sick of waiting and teasing Juan by flashing their tits. They both slip under the table for the double benefit of pulling out Juan’s big dick to start sucking him off and giving Filthy Rich an opportunity to leave since Juan claims the girls are in the bathroom. Since they’re already sucking him off, Juan knows it’s no problem to put Jane against the table with her tush sticking out so he can lift her miniskirt and slide her thong to the side. Shoving his cock all the way in, Juan enjoys that first moment of satisfaction as Eliza hops onto the table and spreads her thighs so Jane can feast on her juicy snatch. Pulling Eliza forward, Juan gives her a turn on his fuck stick while Jane teases Eliza’s full tits. Jane gets another go after that while Eliza props her up. When Eliza gets on her hands and knees on the table, Juan enjoys delivering a doggy style pussy pounding while Eliza finger bangs her friend’s snatch and licks her clit. That finally brings both girls to their finish line, leaving them content to get back on their knees and work together to have Juan cream on their faces. The trio gets their clothes back on just before Filthy Rich returns to the room.

Lily Larimar and her friend Kyler Quinn have dressed up for a Halloween party. They’re competing for the attention of the same guy, so they go to Lily’s stepbrother, Seth Gamble, and ask him to decide who’s hotter. Seth points out that Lily called him a pervert the last time he looked down her shirt, which just upsets Kyler because now she knows Seth hasn’t seen her tits but he has seen his sister’s. Kyler responds by flashing Seth. Lily gives Seth another glimpse of her own boobs just to make sure that Seth has the proper memory. The girls compete to get Seth to decide whose butt is better next. When Seth still refuses to make a firm decision, Lily gets the bright idea to start rubbing his dick. That turns into the girls working side by side to give Seth the best handie and then the best blowjob. Things keep on escalating from there, with Kyler getting to her feet and hopping onto Seth’s dick to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Lily helps her friend out by rubbing her clit, but she’s not about to be outdone. She peels off her thong and then climbs aboard on Seth’s fuck stick, riding him in reverse cowgirl just like Kyler did so that Seth can make a proper comparison. The girls are still embroiled in their competition, but there’s definitely room for plenty of mutual fun. Seth gives it to Kyler as she lays on her back with Lily riding her face. Then Lily takes Kyler’s spot, laying on her back with one leg held up to open herself up to Seth’s ministrations. Cradling Lily in her arms, Kyler does what she can to help her friend double down won her pleasure. Eventually Seth reaches the end of his endurance. Lily begs him to cum inside and he does, which leaves Lily proclaiming herself the winner. That’s when Kyler reminds Lily that she may have won, but she’s not on birth control.

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