The Art of Tantric Massage


Who doesn’t enjoy getting a good massage? Well imagine that massage is with a hot babe and things get hot and heavy leading to a “happy ending.” Private films provides us with a vivid visual to this dream I think we all carry around whether your man or woman. In The Art of Tantric Massage this movie is clearly defined as a sexual massage so the expectations are there for a fun, pleasurable experience, for us watching too!

Scene Hightlights

In the first scene the mood is set by what they are wearing.  Angelika is enjoying a foot massage and leg rub by an attentive suitor with a soft gentle voice. The sexual energy quickly ramps up as he pulls her closer to him as the rub each other and remove clothing. The fucking and the sucking is erotic as all their senses are on full overload. Sexy Eveline is having a rubdown session with an older man on a massage rug with candles. He carefully touches, kisses and sucks every inch of her nice body and has her so warmed up she hops right on to his cock and they fuck hard in multiple positions on the floor.

In the best scene of the movie with Ria Sunn as she takes her turn on the massage rug, they have an intense connection with their eyes as if they are making love just by looking at each other. She has a beautiful body and a nice moan as they fuck side by side so we get a great view of her legs. She is so hot that he cums early but still has enough stamina to keep on fucking her and cum again, and it’s a big load.

The final scene gives us a lovely threesome with Katy Rose and Angelika Grays as they rub each other down and kiss together before turning their attention to a lucky man. They give his cock a great massage with lots of lube that he seems to enjoy. He keeps up with both of them as he fucks one while eating out the other. They switch it up and everyone is getting off good.


“I’m home, I’m waiting for my tantric massage master.  This waiting turns me on.”  Now that quote is an understatement!

Why We Love It

Private is so good at finding sexy European girls with tight bodies and this film certainly shows off that skill. The sets are kept simple so they really show off the various tantric moves and different sexual positions. We get great views of each of the girl’s bodies as they contort with their lovers in full vivid display. It is a very sexy film and a great movie to watch with a date and get some great new ideas after the mood is set. Add this film to your library to use just for that purpose, if you have lots of sex dates this film will work every time, I’m sure of it!

Watch ‘The Art of Tantric Massage’

he Art of Tantric Massage

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